These are the resources I use in order to produce my work, as well as links to tutorials and classes that helped me get where I am today.  I recommend you bookmark this page, as I add useful items here regularly, whenever I find them!

Full disclaimer: some of these links are my affiliate links.  Should you make a purchase through an affiliate link, I’ll receive a small bonus, at no charge to you!  If you’re thinking of purchasing one of my recommended resources, please use the links I have provided.

NameCheap Logo

After having bought a domain elsewhere, and researched hosting elsewhere, I was BLOWN AWAY by what NameCheap has to offer. The same amount of hosting service is offered elsewhere, for about the same price……except the other guys are charging per month what NameCheap charges per year. For the same basic product.

I bought one of my two primary domains from them, as well as one of my two ‘backup’ domains there, and I plan to switch the other two of them to NameCheap once the time I’ve already paid for is up. I wasn’t even planning to buy hosting from them.  Honestly, I clicked it by mistake. You can’t make this up. I saw the £7 price tag, and was about to hit back to go back to where I meant to be, when suddenly I saw that it was the total price per year, not a monthly charge! I did see the fine print that it was an introductory price and that the price would go up upon renewal, but ‘fine’ print it was not. It was a nice big, readable, honest size right up with the rest of the price tag, instead of burying it at the bottom of the page in tiny text.

Due to their honesty, as well as many other services they offer (such as 24 hour live chat support, telephone support, free DNS servers, and more!) I am hooked on NameCheap and I encourage you to use them for your own hosting needs.

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Cloud 9 Logo

Cloud 9 is an amazing code playpen.  Places like jsfiddle and such don’t give you the freedom to run an apache server just to mess around on it, and be able to delete it if you mess up.  Best of all, this invaluable learning tool rings up at the perfect price of free. There are paid options available, for the more serious coder, but there’s plenty of power in even just the free version–automatically install WordPress to test out your themes or plugins, or code in HTML5, PHP, or even play with Python or Ruby On Rails.  Whatever you can imagine, it’s there.

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Aquro - The smarter, faster way to develop apps.

The smarter, faster way to develop apps, Aquro allows web developers to build Android and iPhone apps by working with what they already know–HTML and JavaScript.  Aquro is one amazing tool, but I’ll let their website tell you all about what they’re able to offer to you.  What I would like to tell you about is my experience not with Aquro’s development environment, but their Customer Service team.

When I first signed up for Aquro’s free trial, part of the initial email barrage that I received included a simple question–why did you sign up with Aquro?  I figured it was an interesting approach to invite people to reply to their introductory emails instead of the standard “Do not reply to this email.  Emails to this address are not monitored.  You will receive no reply.  You should feel shame, mere mortal, for daring to speak to us.” footer.  I had nothing to lose and a spare 30 seconds, so I answered back.

Because I am an HTML and JavaScript Goddess.

What followed was an email conversation over the course of over 20 messages with…wait for it…the HEAD of customer service at Aquro.  Brandon, the Customer Success Wizard himself, spent time talking to me over the course of four days.  He answered rounds and rounds of questions, some specific to the service, some just friendly as I found myself growing a professional bond with this man as we talked.

In the end, he even had the web developers at Aquro code up something special–just for me!  I told him how thrilled I was by his company’s amazing dedication to customer service, and that because of it, Aquro was getting a mention right here on the resources page of Taliesin Coding.  What Brandon gave to me was an affiliate link, so that he and I both can keep track of how many people check out Aquro because of me.

Don’t let their work go to waste!  Check out Aquro today!

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Apolline Adiju, a gift from the Gods for businesses needing five star social media management.

Apolline and I met on Facebook in a group designed to put entrepreneurs in touch with each other.  I knew I needed a hand when it comes to social media–I’m much more about coding and designing than I am about making a hashtag trend.  We met up on a post inviting people to collaborate with each other–my skills for your skills, rather than money changing hands.  I figured I could do a quick website touch-up for her, and walk away with a social media planning PDF or something equally simple but useful.

The first rule of Apolline Adiju is that Apolline will always surprise you.

We wound up striking an agreement to work together, not just for each other, but for each others’ clients.  What I can’t do, Apolline can.  Between the two of us, we’re able to offer significantly more value to our customers, as well as learning each others’ tips and tricks for maximising our own businesses.  If you have need of a social media maven, there’s only one place you need to go–straight to her website.

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