About Me

Coder. Violinist. Knitter. Bunny Momma. Chef.

Tal in a furry hat!

I’m Talwyn Scudi, and my passion is to bring responsive web design to the world. I grew up in an environment of curiosity and openness, and so I’ve felt a lifelong passion for holistic medicine: herbalism, Reiki, spiritually-based coaching, soul therapy, and more. I feel grateful that I share my life with an awesome group of creative entrepreneurs whose vision is to bring health and happiness to the world.

Here’s a little bit more of my story…

When I was a child, I was gradually struck down with a degenerative neurological condition. It didn’t happen all at once, but instead I was stuck watching as my body slowly deteriorated around me. By the time I was in high school, most of my friends were disabled in some way – the ‘healthy’ kids wanted nothing to do with us.

It was painful to watch my friends struggle to participate in what most people considered to be normal activities. Even really simple things could exclude members of my social circle. Video games were impossible for my friend with cerebral palsy, as he shook too much to manage to control his avatar. But sometimes it would be even simpler things – a flyer with text written over a busy background would be utterly unreadable to my friends with dyslexia or colourblindness. There were countless other little things that – by complete accident – served to keep my disabled friends all but isolated from ‘normal’ society.

Nowadays, I often see history repeating itself with the design trends of the internet. How many websites sport ultra-tiny light grey text on a white background? It’s ‘minimal’, it’s ‘modern’. The problem with minimal and modern is that if your vision isn’t acute enough, the website is unusable. Worse yet, many accessibility features of the internet (such as the famous ‘ugly blue border’ around buttons) are even overridden by designers to get rid of them! It may make it more ‘beautiful’ to visitors with no impairments, but those websites miss a significant number of their potential customers.